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Three Year Olds

During this year students have the chance to really grow academically.

Our small class sizes ensure that all children receive one on one time and direction with our low ratio of 1-7. Our focus for this class is to enhance previously learned skills and to build new abilities. Children in this class learn to work both in a small and large group settings to learn teamwork skills. Academically students add to already acquired skills with an emphasis on correct pencil grip, early writing, and pre-reading readiness. Children sign-in everyday to promote name recognition and improve correct letter formation. Students have access to a wide range of materials and sensory objects to foster curiosity and independence. Children in this class also take part in fun activities and crafts daily to help each child learn and grow at their own pace socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. This is a year filled with fun, exciting opportunities where every child’s education is encouraged to grow and expand.