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Pre-K/Four Year Olds

This class has a strong emphasis on writing, pre-reading, reading, phonic awareness, science and math skills.

With a 1-9 teacher/student ratio, children continue to work on building strong foundations for future learning, mastering many previously learned skills while expanding on new concepts and ideas. During Circle Time, students will learn calendar, numbers 1-100, counting in 10’s, 5’s, and 2’s, tally marks, block counting, reading, and writing with shared pen experience to give each child the opportunity to read and write with confidence in front of peers. Students will also continue to work on writing lower and upper case letters and words, leading to reading readiness. Children will also participate in games and activities geared towards learning kindergarten math skills such as addition and subtraction. Throughout this year, students participate in Spanish, science and social studies through daily interactive activities, games, and art. This is an extremely busy year with a strong focus on kindergarten readiness. Many of our students leave this school year with the ability to read and write. Children excel throughout this year with our small class sizes directed towards a fun learning experience in a positive, friendly environment.