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About Us

Our program at a glance

We are a very small preschool, which started eleven years ago; we place a huge emphasis on our small class sizes and our low student-teacher ratio.

I had worked at two different preschools in Gainesville over the span of tens years, and was discouraged how education had taken a backseat to making profit. It sadly became about large class sizes to minimal number of teachers and the children’s learning brought down to minimum, as it was impossible to give each child individual attention when class sizes ran 18-25 children to one teacher! I wanted to find somewhere where each child would receive quality one on one time to promote a healthy learning environment with small class sizes and a family home feel. In short I wanted somewhere where all children would receive the individual attention I would expect to see my own children receive. That’s how The Child’s Garden was born!

Dear Ms. Lulu, We all love you so much! Thank you for being wonderful.

Brooke Madsen


Our babies are immersed in a homely, loving environment where throughout the day they are read to, sung to, taught baby signs to encourage communication skills, baby massage, walks and outdoor time for social skills and much more.


In this class children partake in language-rich surroundings. Children are constantly read to, sing songs, dance, play, learn their alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, thinking skills with puzzles and games, and start to learn Spanish. Children also start to explore art with this class with finger paints, large crayons, painting and play-doh, and a wide range of age-appropriate materials.


This class lets children explore their natural curiosity for learning. They continue to work on their language and communication skills, circle time including the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week, months of the year all in English and Spanish. Children start to learn letters of their names and work on important pencil grip skills. Art is very important to two year olds as they discover a whole new world of independence using many art materials unaided by teachers.

Pre-K Threes

With our accredited core curriculum program, our pre-K# standards are higher than Florida VPK program. In this education-rich atmosphere, children continue to build on previously acquired skills. This class allows a child to excel at his/her own rate with our low 8:1 student-teacher ratio. Children begin forming upper and lower-case letters, writing their first and last names, becoming worksheet ready, numbers up to one hundred, counting in tens, learning English and Spanish during morning meeting, early math concepts are explored and phonic awareness is enhanced during this time. During craft and station time children learn to problem-solve on their own or in small groups. Keyboard and mouse kills are introduced.

Pre-K Fours

Using our accelerated learning program allows us to tailor a curriculum based on your child’s learning abilities. Morning meeting focuses on language, phonics, numbers, counting in tens, fives, and twos, calendar, days of the week, months, weather, and shared pen activities in English and Spanish. Reading readiness is introduced; sight words, kindergarten and first grade math levels are explored based on personal ability. D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) kids love this, no cleanup required, drop everything and read, read, read! Keyboard and writing abilities are expanded and continue to grow. Children bloom as they become kindergarten-ready!